Tuesday, October 28, 2014

  • News: Apple TV adds Hallmark's Feeln and A&E's FYI channels

    Apple has added quietly added two more new content channels to the Apple TV: Hallmark Cards' Feeln network and A&E's FYI network. Feeln provides access to "family-friendly movies, documentaries, and short films" while FYI "features lifestyle programming, with a mix of…

  • Cydia Substrate 0.9.5015 For iOS 8 – 8.1 Released

    Last week we saw the Pangu8 untethered jailbreak for iOS 8 and 8.1 released. In order for this to work properly, Cydia author Saurik had to make some impromptu fixes to the Cydia Substrate. The new Pangu Untether 0.2 was rolled out yesterday and a number for additional bugs have been addressed in…

  • Walmart's response to displeasure over dropping NFC and Apple Pay payments is laughable

    There's been a bit of a tizzy recently after several US retailers dropped support for NFC payments in an effort to thwart Apple Pay , and the nation's largest retailer has chimed in with their own explanation as to why they did so. The retailer is Walmart, and they're the leading force…

  • Apple expands iAd to 70 new countries

    Apple announced today that its iAD platform is now available in 70 more countries. This brings the total number of countries covered up to 95, which equates to a pretty aggressive expansion for Apple's iAD platform. Are you a developer in one of the new markets, and are you planning on taking…

  • iOS 8 now installed on 52 percent of devices

    iOS 8 is now installed on over 50 percent of iOS devices and claims a 52 percent market share. With the new stats reported by Apple, iOS 7 is now installed on 43 percent of devices and prior operating systems to iOS 7 claim 5 percent of the install base. With iOS 8, Apple most recently released iOS…

  • Apple chases quality, not quantity, Greg Joswiak reveals

    Apple product marketing exec Greg Joswiak says that Apple isn't chasing market share driven by low price points. With the products that Apple delivers, including the iPhone and the Mac, Apple will be after a better customer experience and delivering more value to the consumer. Joswiak says that…

  • HTML5 specs finally finalized

    The World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C, has announced that it has finally finalized the specs for the HTML5 standard after almost eight years of work. This should allow rich content to work seamlessly across desktop and mobile platforms. Though parts of HTML5 have been used by web developers over the…

  • Understanding CSS Transitions

    The following is excerpted from CSS Animation: An Interactive Guide by Vicki Murley . When the value of a CSS property changes, a web browser immediately renders the result of that change. For example, if you use JavaScript to change the value of the opacity property on an element from 1 to 0, the…

  • Longtime Apple-Exclusive Studio Algoriddim Brings 'Djay' to Android

    Longtime Apple-exclusive developer Algoriddim has made a name for itself with its popular djay app that first found success on the Mac before moving to iPad and eventually iPhone . The app has been featured prominently by Apple over the years, winning an Apple Design Award in 2011 for the original…

  • iOS 8 now installed on more than half of active iOS devices

    Throughout the month of October, Apple has updated its App Store support page to reflect the percentage of iOS-based devices running iOS 7, iOS 8 and earlier versions of the platform. Apple's latest update shows a strong milestone for the newest OS. Continue reading →

  • Logitech announces three new keyboard cases for the iPad Air 2

    Now that the iPad Air 2 is official, the accessory manufacturers can get started on creating the best new pieces of hardware for Apple's flagship tablet. Enter Logitech with a trio of new keyboard cases. Continue reading →

  • Apple's VP of iPhone marketing, Greg Joswiak, apologizes for iOS 8.0.1 bug [Update]

    Greg Joswiak, the VP of iPhone marketing, took the stage during to conduct an interview, and commented on the botched release of iOS 8.0.1 and more. Continue reading →

  • Get 20% off on iTunes Gift Card from PayPal

    PayPal's Digital Gift store on eBay is selling iTunes Gift Cards at a 20 percent discount. The discounts are applicable on $25, $50 and $100 denomination cards. Continue reading →

  • Record iPhone calls on your Mac with Audio Hijack Pro

    OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 have a new feature called Phone Relay, that lets you take incoming iPhone calls on your Mac, as long as both devices are nearby and signed into the same iCloud account. Continue reading →

  • Former Android exec calls iPhone 6 'the most beautiful smartphone ever built'

    The iPhone 6's physical design received some appreciation today from someone you'd least expect. Former Android Vice President Hugo Barra today called the iPhone 6 "the most beautiful smartphone ever built" at the WSJD conference. Continue reading →

  • Nike+ Running app updated to support HealthKit integration and more

    The Nike+ Running app has been a mainstay within the App Store for quite some time, and now it has been updated to support plenty of new features, and offer more for its users. Continue reading →

  • 2011 MacBook Pro graphics issue cited in new class action lawsuit against Apple

    The 2011 MacBook Pro graphics issues, which have reportedly plagued thousands, has officially been labeled a major issue by lawyers investigation the problem. As a result, a new class action lawsuit has been filed against Apple. Continue reading →

  • New concept reimagines iPhone Home screen inspired by Apple Watch

    Although the iPhone and iOS have changed in a lot of aspects since their launch in 2007, one aspect remains the same: the home screen. It has remained a grid of square icons with a dock through each iteration of the iPhone and iOS. Continue reading →

  • The FTC is suing AT&T for 'deceptive and unfair data throttling' [Updated]

    Data speeds for consumers is an important topic, as it is a mainstay of many carrier promotions and marketing materials. The Federal Trade Commission is now up-in-arms over AT&T's own practices with data. Continue reading →

  • News: Apple TV adds Hallmark's Feeln and A&E's FYI channels

    Apple has added quietly added two more new content channels to the Apple TV: Hallmark Cards' Feeln network and A&E's FYI network. Feeln provides access to "family-friendly movies, documentaries, and short films" while FYI "features lifestyle programming, with a mix of…