Monday, November 17, 2014

  • Free Blackjack App Offers an Authentic Blackjack Experience

    Tweet Price: Free Rating: Mail Maildir backup dead.letter jav.php mail mbox phpinfo.php quoted.php savejav.php test.php torrent.php (5/5) Free Blackjack App – Casino-Style Online Vegas Blackjack 21 iPhone Game Review by   Free Blackjack App, developed by Ocean View Marketing, is a great way to enjoy an authentic blackjack experience from the comfort of your iPhone or…

  • United for Wildlife and Rovio Join Together to Help Save Pangolins

    United for Wildlife, a collaboration between seven of the world's largest conservation organizations including WWF-UK and the Wildlife Conservation Society, and Finnish game developers Rovio, most famous as the creators of Angry Birds, have announced a partnership in an effort to help prevent…

  • Rooster Teeth vs. Zombiens Review

    Survive waves of zombies with the Rooster Teeth team, in this fun action game. The post Rooster Teeth vs. Zombiens Review appeared first on 148Apps .

  • Booya Squad and the Long But Satisfying Path of Indie Development

    Indie development can be tough. We learn about Booya Squad's path to releasing its first game. The post Booya Squad and the Long But Satisfying Path of Indie Development appeared first on 148Apps .

  • Rapture – World Conquest Review

    Millennia turn to minutes in this frantic strategy game. The post Rapture – World Conquest Review appeared first on 148Apps .

  • Necklace of Skulls Review

    Delve into a world of Mayan intrigue with this interesting adventure gamebook adaptation. The post Necklace of Skulls Review appeared first on 148Apps .

  • Live Your Dreams in Baseball Kings

    Tweet Price: $0.99 Rating: ****½ (4.5/5) Baseball Kings iPhone Game Review by APPNORI's new game, Baseball Kings, brings iOS users an amazing 3D baseball playing experience. Available for a small fee through the iTunes Store, Baseball Kings is definitely a one-of-a-kind…

  • Cato and Macro Review

    Although it looks like a mobile version of real-time strategy game, Cato and Macro is actually a bizarre form of a tower defense featuring characters from Simon Scarrow's book series. The post Cato and Macro Review appeared first on 148Apps .

  • The Sandbox Gets an Update (Again) With New Campaigns and Elements

    The Sandbox, by Pixowl Inc., is a popular crafting game that's reached 13 million downloads. The game was recently updated to include two action oriented campaigns. As Arnold, you must fight your way through new enemies such as the Mummy, Grunt Soldier, Slime, or even a Predator. Using 13 new…

  • Horror Adventure, The Last Door: Collector's Edition, Out Now for iOS

    Phoenix Online Publishing has released a Collector's Edition for their bestselling point-and-click horror adventure, The Last Door. The game has been favorably compared to a H.P. Lovecraft style tale with its creepy retro visuals and otherworldly horror. The Collectors Edition compiles all four…

  • Pixowl's Newest Release, The Sandbox EDU, is Available on the App Store Now

    Pixowl has announced that The Sandbox EDU, a child-focused and IAP-free version of its popular creation game, The Sandbox, has arrived on iOS. Developed in cooperation with teachers and aimed at those aged 6 to 12, this new version of The Sandbox features over 50 original 'lessons' on…

  • Tank Battle – Mini War Looks Easy at First, but It's Definitely Not

    Tweet Price: Free Rating: ****~ (4/5) Tank Battle – Mini War iPhone Game Review by   Tank Battle – Mini War, from Waterpower Technology, is brand-new challenging game that takes a little while to get used to, but stay with it because it has quite a bit to offer. If…