Friday, December 26, 2014

  • Apple's holiday return policy: What you need to know

    Sometimes a gift just doesn't land as well as you want it to. Sometimes, you accidentally get a blue iPhone case instead of a red one, or a bag for an 11-inch MacBook Air instead of a 15-inch MacBook Pro, or an iPad mini instead of an iPad Air. Whatever the case, it's a simple matter to…

  • Apple announces 'Lucky Bag' promotion in Japan on January 2

    Apple Japan has confirmed that it will host its annual "Lucky Bag" New Year's Sale again in 2015. Continue reading →

  • The Best Games for your new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

    Got a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus for Christmas? The device's larger screen makes the gaming experience on an iPhone even better. Here's our list of best games for the iPhone. Continue reading →

  • Airtel announces data plans exclusively for VoIP

    Yesterday, Bharti Airtel — one of the largest mobile network operators in India — made a change to its mobile data usage policy that barred its subscribers from using their normal 2G/3G data packs to make VoIP based calls.  Continue reading →

  • LockInfo 8 Beta released for iOS 8

    Good news jailbreak users as the popular Lock screen tweak LockInfo 8 is now available as a beta package in Cydia on the developer's repo. If you haven't heard about the tweak before, it expands the functionality of the Lock screen by bringing a wide variety of different information, including…

  • The Extremely Popular Code Black Drone is Back in Stock, so Get it While it Lasts [Deals Hub]

    Usually when we think about things to do on our phones, it's all about productivity. But every now and then you have to have a little fun with your phone, too. Take to the skies with the HD camera-equipped limited edition Code Black Drone and Black Aerial Drone with SD camera. It's the most fun…

  • The 10 most aggravating things about Samsung's Galaxy Note 4

    Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 is the best phablet in the world. Period. Apple finally tossed its hat in the ring in 2014 and debuted its largest iPhone ever, but the giant screen on the iPhone 6 Plus was just a box that Apple wanted to check. The handset's larger size is merely a response to shifting…

  • How to use CarPlay on your iPad with one app tap

    There's an app out there this week called Ignition - created by developer Adam Bell and made to enable the CarPlay user interface already built in to your iPad. Normally you'd need a vehicle that'd activate this user interface by coming in contact with it - that solution isn't…