Thursday, December 11, 2014

  • Apple's Hour of Code workshops delight kids... of all ages!

    Press the button. Slide to unlock. Tap the icon. The app or game fills your screen — and your senses. But how does that happen? How does that icon get on the screen? How does that bird fly across it? How does that plant obliterate that zombie? How do all these apps and games work? The answer is…

  • What's on Ally's Yosemite dock right now!

    The Mac is still the most important device in my workflow. I depend on it each and every day to get my job done here at iMore. From article ideas to rough drafts to editing photography, my iMac and my MacBook Air are indispensable. Of course, the machine itself isn't what drives my workflow,…

  • Hacked Sony email reveals David Fincher's excitement for Jobs biopic script

    The drama just keeps coming as documents continue to leak in the Sony Pictures hack. After learning earlier this week that Tom Cruise was considered for the lead in Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs biopic, a leaked email has provided a glimpse at David Fincher's excitement around potentially…

  • Workflow: Automator-style action for your iPhone and iPad

    DeskConnect's Workflow is incredible. It brings a variant of OS X's Automator to the iPhone and iPad, giving mobile users detailed automation workflows for the first time. And it does so in an uncomplicated, easy-to-learn style, with a clean, smart interface. Once you've built a…

  • Scrolls, from Minecraft creator Mojang, now available for Mac!

    As previously announced, Minecraft developer Mojang have released only their second internally developed game, Scrolls, for the Mac. A version for the iPad is in the works and will be released in early 2015. Scrolls is a fantasy-themed game that merges elements of card and board games, with players…

  • 'Workflow' Brings Powerful Automated Actions to iOS

    DeskConnect today launched Workflow , a universal iOS app billed as a "personal automation tool" that allows users to easily create workflows to accomplish various tasks such as creating animated GIFs from a series of photos, grabbing images from a web page, automatically cross-posting…

  • Microsoft Acquires App Developer Platform HockeyApp

    In a blog post by Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of the Developer Division S. Somasegar, the company today announced the acquisition of HockeyApp , a service for app developers that provides crash reports, distribution help, and various testing features. Initially created for in-house use…

  • BlurSlide 2 brings back 'Slide to Unlock' slider to iOS 8 [Jailbreak Tweak]

    One of the popular elements of iOS was the unique Slide to Unlock slider on the Lock screen which was replaced in iOS 7. If you wish to bring back the unlock slider to iOS 8, you'd probably be interested in a new jailbreak tweak known as BlueSlide2. Continue reading →

  • Apple's online store in the US and UK now accepts PayPal

    Apple today updated its online store in the United States and United Kingdom to add support for PayPal as a payment method. This is the first time that the company has expanded the payment options on its online store to beyond credit and debit cards. Continue reading →

  • [Wallpaper Thursday] 5 Beautiful Aerial Wallpapers for the iPhone

    As we walk hurriedly through downtown city streets or stroll through the countryside, sometimes we need to take a moment to appreciate how beautiful and impressive everything around us really is. These 5 wallpapers give you a perspective that you probably don't see every day.  Continue reading…

  • Steve Jobs biopic will film in two auditoriums, a garage and a restaurant

    The Steve Jobs biopic is coming along, with a lead actor for the Steve Jobs role chosen, a director, and the script certainly done. Continue reading →

  • Canadian Competition Bureau looking at Apple's mobile carrier contracts

    The mobile carrier contracts that Apple deals with in Canada are under scrutiny from one of the country's watch dog groups according to a new report. Continue reading →

  • Apple-1 computer sold by Steve Jobs gets $365,000 at auction

    The legendary Apple-1 computer, of which only a certain amount were made back in the day, manages to fetch quite a bit of money when it arrives at an auction. Continue reading →

  • Apple finalizes CarPlay hardware development with MFi specs for head units

    CarPlay, Apple's in-vehicle system to help drivers interact with their device without taking their eyes off the road, has already been introduced through some aftermarket receivers, but Apple has recently finalized the MFi specifications for head units according to a new report. Continue reading…

  • Download the best apps and games for free for a limited time (Dec 11)

    We have some great apps for you today that have gone free for a short duration on the App Store, including The Firm, Space Qube, Empire Run, Scanbot and more. Continue reading →

  • Original, classic Apple Watches from the 90s up for sale again

    The new, fancy smart wearable known as the Apple Watch is set to launch in the early part of 2015, but for those who don't remember, this isn't the first "Apple Watch." Continue reading →

  • Apple seeds Safari 8.0.2, 7.1.2 and 6.2.2 to the public

    On November 13, Apple released the first beta for Safari 8.0.1 for Yosemite, 7.1.1 for Mavericks and 6.2.1 for Mountain Lion developers. That led to the public release in early December. Continue reading →

  • Gaming service hack attack whacks thousands of Swedish bystanders

    On Thursday, Sweden's biggest internet service provider, Telia, said that its network had suffered an attack earlier this week from hackers who were apparently trying to target a gaming company. Reports suggest the target was Electronic Arts (EA), which runs some Battlefield services out of the…

  • Microsoft acquires HockeyApp – not what you think it is

    The acquisition team at Microsoft have made known their purchase of HockeyApp, a group that creates a testing grounds for apps. Mobile developers are able to launch HockeyApp in iOS, Android, or Windows Phone then launch their app, testing out its flaws in the process. Microsoft will be taking…