Sunday, December 7, 2014

  • Today's apps gone free: Habits Pro, Dracula Twins, Chemio and more

    Todays AGF list includes a productivity app, a platformer, and a reference app. Todays apps gone free: Habits Pro, Dracula Twins, Chemio and more is a story by AppAdvice - iPhone, iPad, iPod, App Reviews + News

  • New Apple ad showcases how iPad Air 2 changes the way you work

    During Sunday's NFL broadcast, Apple debuted a new iPad Air 2 ad titled Change , which focuses on how the tablet changes the way you work. Highlighting various business situations that are made simpler just by using the iPad Air 2, Apple says that change is in the Air. Promoting the new Change…

  • God of Light strategy guide: Top tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

    In God of Light your job is to help Shiny bring light back to the world and save the universe. You'll have to look carefully for clues and use an array of different objects that refract, split, and bounce light off them. If you get stuck, you can also ask the fireflies for their help, but be…

  • Nintype: An iOS 8 keyboard with two-handed swipe gestures

    We've seen plenty of keyboards being released following Apple's move to open up the keyboard with iOS 8. Continue reading →

  • Deal Alert: Save $50-$100 on iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 at Best Buy

    If you're planning to buy an iPad, and missed the deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, then you may want to check out Best Buy. Best is offering some good discounts on iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Continue reading →

  • Why my Kindle is still part of my mobile reading

    I'm a voracious reader. On average I read about 50–60 books a year (and that number may be conservative). Up until I got my iPad I had a library room in my home overflowing with books. Shortly after I got my iPad I stopped buying paper […] Why my Kindle is still part of my mobile reading…

  • Apple Is Figuring Out How To Sell An Archetype

     Around the time of the iPhone 5's release, I started thinking of Apple as an archetype factory. By removing extraneous detail and ornamentation, they were trimming down their devices to a definitive essence. They were making conscious decisions to spend money and man hours to improve technology…

  • Apple Watch's premium fashion price ok with consumers, says survey

    In 2007, Apple kicked the smartphone industry into high gear and really got consumers interested in touchscreen devices with the original iPhone. A similar situation could be said for the Apple Watch and how the adoption rate of wearables may start to take off after its release early next year. A…

  • Stan Lee hints massive Marvel cross-over considered by movie studios

    Stan Lee, former editor-in-chief and president of Marvel Comics, seems to have just hinted that the higher-ups at several of the world's largest movie studios are at least considering a giant cross-over feature with some of the most popular comic book properties. At a special interview and…