Saturday, December 27, 2014

  • Yes, developers still need websites to sell their apps

    Just like some developers never considered design when creating their apps, many still don't consider marketing. Build it and, thanks to Apple, people will come has been a long held, long problematic assumption. The truth is, you need a great idea, amazing code, superb design, and a terrific…

  • Most popular podcasts of 2014

    I produced a lot of podcasts last year. Probably over 200 shows spanning 300 or more hours. We don't post all of them here at iMore anymore, but for much of the year they did, and they all embody the spirit we try to bring to iMore — that all this technology is by and for people, and it's…

  • How to reduce your iPhone or iPad's brightness below default level without jailbreaking

    If you use your iPhone or iPad at night, even the lowest level brightness may, at times, feel too bright. Luckily, there's a way to turn down the brightness even below the minimum level, but that setting is hidden inside iOS' wide variety of accessibility features. Continue reading →

  • Can't get past Terms and Conditions while installing iOS 8.1.2 OTA update? Try this fix

    Ever since the release of iOS 8, few users have faced an annoying issue where they haven't been able to go past the Terms and Conditions screen when they try to install the OTA update. Continue reading →

  • Save Big on Our Favorite Gadgets of 2014 [Deals Hub]

    The year of 2014 is almost behind us now, and it has us looking back on the year. Like every year, it had plenty of ups and downs and memories we'll look back on fondly. There was also tons of gadgets we're glad we had in our lives for 2014, and you can get it for 2015. It's on sale now in the…

  • Quickly snap photos on your iPhone without launching the Camera app with QuickShoot Pro [Jailbreak Tweak]

    Have you ever missed a perfect photo just because you were waiting for the Camera app to open on your iPhone? If you've faced such a situation before, you should probably check out a jailbreak tweak known as QuickShoot Pro that allows you to quickly snap pictures. Continue reading →

  • ReachApp brings split-screen multitasking to iOS 8

    Reachability has been the focus of many jailbreak tweaks lately. ReachApp is one of a kind jailbreak tweak by Elijah Frederickson that aims to take advantage of the available real estate when invoking Reachability. Continue reading →