Friday, January 9, 2015

  • Stop being a meatbag and count your calories with CARROT Hunger

    With CARROT Hunger, counting calories has never been more hilarious. Stop being a meatbag and count your calories with CARROT Hunger is a story by AppAdvice - iPhone, iPad, iPod, App Reviews + News

  • Apple Pay could arrive in Canada as early as March

    The mobile payment system could arrive in the Great White North simultaneously with the Apple Watch. Apple Pay could arrive in Canada as early as March is a story by AppAdvice - iPhone, iPad, iPod, App Reviews + News

  • Why paid apps are now free in Europe

    Paid apps are suddenly free in Europe. Why paid apps are now free in Europe is a story by AppAdvice - iPhone, iPad, iPod, App Reviews + News

  • Today's apps gone free: Reverser, Siena's Edible Adventure, Photo Reminders and more

    Todays AGF list includes a camera app, a storybook, and a productivity app. Todays apps gone free: Reverser, Sienas Edible Adventure, Photo Reminders and more is a story by AppAdvice - iPhone, iPad, iPod, App Reviews + News

  • Phil, Rene, Dan, and Mark talk mobile together at CES

    It wouldn't be CES without a gathering of mobile editors talking about the show, and we got it live for all to see. Watch as Phil of Android Central, Rene of iMore, Dan of Windows Central, and Mark of Laptopmag and Tom's Guide get together for a few minutes and talk about everything that has…

  • Logitech G502 gaming mouse offers adjustable weight

    My 14 year old came to me last week with a dead mouse in his hands. No, not a rodent. So I gave him my gaming mouse, which left me looking for a new one. I've found it, and it's from Logitech - it's called the G502 Proteus Core. I've long been a fan of Logitech's mice because…

  • Gyro-skating, drone flying, bed jumping, and sharp shooting at CES 2015!

    Showstoppers is a media event at CES 2015 where a concentration of vendors from the show get to show off the wares in what's hopefully a less crowded, congested setting. Sometimes it's jam-packed with the amazing. Other times it's a real snooze. This year fell decidedly in the middle,…

  • Health & HealthKit highlights from CES 2015

    HealthKit is the set of protocols developers and vendor can use to tie into Apple's Health app, which lets us get all of our health and fitness information all in one place. With HealthKit, we can also share information between apps — let one step tracker know what another step tracker has…

  • Article: The Booths of the iProducts Marketplace at CES 2015

    As we get ready to depart the 2015 International CES, we thought we'd take a moment to give you a look at some of the most interesting booths that made up the iProducts Marketplace this year. Since CES is not normally open to the public, this is a look inside at what some of your favorite…

  • 14-day refunds for apps and games could mean keeping it for free anyway

    At the tail-end of December, it was revealed that Apple had altered its refund window in some countries within the European Union. the new standard saw a 14-day window open up for refunds, but it turns out that may be causing even more issues. Continue reading →

  • The Best iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 2 cases and covers

    If you're on the lookout for the best iPad mini 3 cases and covers, here's a list of the some of our favorite cases. They would also fit the iPad mini 2 as it has the same dimension as the new iPad mini. Continue reading →

  • Take a look back at the original iPhone's announcement 8 years ago

    Time flies when you're having fun. It's hard to imagine that it has been eight years since the announcement that had Apple's former CEO, Steve Jobs, on stage announcing what would ultimately become one of the most popular devices on the planet. Continue reading →

  • How to upload any file with Safari on your iPhone [Jailbreak Only]

    One of my favorite tweaks on iOS 7 was Safari Upload Enabler, which as the name suggests, provided the ability to upload any type of file on a webpage, but the tweak hasn't been updated for iOS 8 yet. Fortunately, Safari Uploader 8 was recently released on Cydia for iOS 8 that is as good as the…

  • OS X Spotlight privacy glitch could show IP addresses and more to spammers

    Individual features that are always connected to something else are always potential threats, especially as the world and its systems become even more inter-connected. Which is one reason why it can take some time before privacy glitches are discovered. Continue reading →

  • Inconceivable! 'The Princess Bride' is now an iOS game

    Have fun storming the castle! Or maybe not...

  • Smartphone Makers Need To Put An End To Distracted Driving

     I'm cruising down the road at 45 mph when – ka-ching! – the sound of a cash register blares out from my iPhone. It's one of now several deal-finding apps I have installed that alert me to nearby sales at local stores. I love the functionality they provide, but I'm not thrilled with the…

  • Apple to release iOS 8 update next week

    We've been told that Apple is planning on releasing an iOS 8 software update sometime next week. Whether it's a beta seed or a public release, our source couldn't confirm, but the company is currently planning on making a move around Tuesday or Wednesday.

  • Ugh, look at all these chumps using cameras even bigger than iPads

    In a recent study, we learned that roughly a quarter of Americans take photos with their tablets . Ugh. Don't these people know that they look ridiculous? I mean, these people are totally ruining modern society by taking photos with something so enormous! Read more...

  • Beastgrip Pro hands-on: your phone needs this

    "Phoneographers". That's who Beastgrip is for, according to their website. It's clever, and oddly endearing for people like me who like taking photos with their phone, but sometimes want to take it a step further. After reviewing the original Beastgrip, I was pretty excited to get word of…

  • How to steal paid iOS apps, iTunes movies and music right now… and why you shouldn't do it

    A few days ago, Apple has made a significant change to its iTunes stores in European Union countries, introducing a new 14-day no-questions-asked refund period in all these EU markets. That effectively means EU customers buying paid content from the App Store, can ask for their money back in case…